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Our reliable source in Paraguay brings very good news indeed for this residency to passport program which is currently available for the price of only 3,900 USD and can be completed in 30 days.Getting Residency and/or a Passport in Paraguay may be a perfect solution to certain individuals for tax reasons and/or to have a second option as country in which to be domiciled or have a passport in the event that you are unhappy with or wish to leave your current country for any reason. As well, especially for Americans, it is nearly impossible to open bank or brokerage accounts anywhere in the world with a US Passport. Having a second passport opens up unlimited financial possibilities worldwide. Whether you want residency or a passport or just simply wish to live in the Paraguay, we offer a service to expedite the process.Through our trusted source, we make obtaining a Paraguay passport easier than many other passports programs around the world.
This service was designed by our trusted associates in Asuncion. Paraguay offers a fast set-up and an all-in-one, easy and fast way to get residency and a passport in an internationally recognized jurisdiction. We’ve considered many countries and finally settled on Paraguay as being one of the easiest, cheapest and most accessible option for most people.


The process is incredibly easy. For your permanent residency we can arrange it locally without any travel requirements.Of course you can come personally to Paraguay if you choose and complete the paperwork there. You can then leave and never return to Paraguay ever again if you want and your residency will still remain permanent. Getting residency and/or a passport in Paraguay is cheaper than almost any other country in the world. The Paraguay passport is widely recognized and is good for visa-free travel throughout much of Latin America, especially Mercosur Paraguay has no income tax. Therefore, for those who earn their income in other jurisdictions, having a Paraguay residency or passport could mean not paying any taxes on your earned income (check with your own tax advisor on whether this applies to you or not)

The citizenship and passport can be obtained in only 30 days and the $3,900 USD price is all inclusive of all related fees.


Paraguay is a beautiful and very civilized country.
Paraguay is attractive to businessmen and freedom minded individuals because it offers an excellent standard of living in a low to zero in tax environment, as well as having more freedom to do business and live your life as you see fit.

For those interested in living in Paraguay, its cost of living is much cheaper than in the US or Europe. You can live very well on $1,500/month in Paraguay.
Paraguay offers a unique opportunity because they have declared that all permanent residences last forever and gives you the right to live, work and have ownership of property in Paraguay.
Through our connections in Paraguay we have made it as easy as possible to get your permanent residency that ensures you the freedom to live and do business as you wish forever at a low cost and with minimum hassle. For a permanent residency in Paraguay you will only be required to visit the country one time for two days to take care of the paperwork. It is the easiest permanent residency we know of in the world.


STEP ONE – PERMANENT RESIDENCY (Please note that this is permanent, not provisional!)

Cost: Just US$3,900 USD all inclusive. Additional family member can be added for the price of $500 each ( spouse and childen under the age of 25 if their applications are processed at the same with the head of the family)
The payment terms are 50% advance payable via bank wire transfer with the remaining balance due once the order has been completed (30 days).

The documents you will need is an original Birth certificate, Civil state certificate (marriage, divorce). You will also need Pictures (2″ x 2″): 4 front and 4 profile, white background required, accessories such as earrings or sunglasses not allowed). Also you will need to deposit $2,000 USD into a Paraguay bank (this can be wired to us and then we wire it to the bank upon your arrival – or wired to the bank directly) to prove your economic solvency. This will be refunded to you at the end of the process

Within 48 hrs after the paperwork has reached Asuncion a permanent residency will be issued to you (Plastic and cedula). This residency will last forever and gives you the same rights as a Paraguayan citizen.

21 days after you obtain your permanent residency you can apply for naturalization and a Paraguay Passport.
The documents required for obtaining citizenship and passport are:
-Curriculum stating your education, work experiences etc.